DELOUSIL Foam Bath with coconut

With Provitamin Β5 & Aloe

Delousil bath foam composition with Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera contributes actively to moisturizing and revitalizing the skin while, at the same time, it provides your skin with its lost by the daily tension elasticity. It has natural pΗ and leaves the skin soft with a distinctive coconut aroma. Available in package of 400ml.

BENEFITS DELOUSIL Foam Bath with coconut

  • It respects skin’s natural pΗ
  • It cleanses gently
  • It does not dry the skin, like common bath foams


  • Every day uses
  • Whole family
  • Each type of skin

Add a sufficient amount of Delousil bath foam to a wet sponge or in your hand. Spread on wet skin by making massage to create foam and then, rinse thoroughly. Do not get in contact with the eyes.